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Our client Ansley from Atlas Solutions

We're incredibly proud of our client, Ansley Fender, who is bringing much-needed innovation to the world of grant management and government contracts.

Her startup, Atlas Solutions, aims to create a product that will streamline and provide an end-to-end SaaS solution to the full grant management cycle, from searching for funding, budgeting, and conveniently generating reports that can be shared across an entire organization.

We're impressed with her vision and desire to disrupt this space that's cluttered with legacy products that for the most part haven't seen substantial innovation in decades; we're just as impressed to learn about her personal journey and the incredible resiliency she's carried over from her past experiences.

A local Bloomington software development consultancy, Future Wonder collaborated with Ansley to visualize and create iterative designs based on her initial product concept, using funding from the ISBDC INTAP 2020 program.

We worked in virtual and in-person sessions to identify the exact customer pain points Ansley wants to alleviate. We then designed a product around this together — always keeping the user front and center. We took Ansley's own domain expertise as well as findings from discovery that she had conducted prior to working with us, and combined all of this with our own expertise in the UI/UX realm.

Ansley has been pitching her designs to prospective investors and other interested parties. The designs are an actionable blueprint for early development, and we're so happy to have been able to help in this capacity. We look forward to working with her again in the future to build on the work we've done so far, and can only expect to hear more great things about her progress as she moves ahead with Atlas Solutions! To read more about Ansley and her journey, check out this article from the Dimension Mill and visit the Atlas Solutions website.

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We have a new job open: Development Operations Engineer


We have a new job open: Web Development Internship


2022 INTAP State funding is available for Indiana startups

Last year we secured rounds of funding of between $7,500 and $15k for eight Indiana startups as an official vendor for the INTAP 2021 program.

The INTAP 2022 program is now open for applications - which close on February 20th, 2022.

If you have a solid business case for your idea and need some design / technology assistance please get in touch to see if we can help.


Abe Kim, Team Cloud Win Dimension Mill Sprint Week Challenge

We are very proud of our team member Abe Kim who worked as part of the winning team at The Dimension Mill's Sprint Week!

Read more about his achievement on the Mill's tweet!


A Future Wonder developer is participating in Sprint Week at the Dimension Mill!

Our very own Abe Kim will be participating in Sprint Week (10/10 - 10/15) at the Dimension Mill in Bloomington, IN. Sprint Week is a fun innovation exercise in which teams try to solve big real-world problems in just five days (think hackathon).

Abe will be bringing his developer and design-thinking chops to the table, joining one of several teams that will work on building a solution to the challenge revealed to them only on kick-off day. And after a week of collaboration, teams will present their solutions to a panel of experts and audience members for prizes.

This Sprint Week’s theme is cybersecurity — one that we think is particularly relevant in today’s world. Sponsored by MetroStar, a digital services and management consulting company, the event will host subject-matter experts on-site and online to provide guidance to participants throughout the week. We’re rooting for Abe and eager to see what his team comes up with!


Bloomington wins the Midwest Startups bracket!

If you’re from the Midwest, you know that we take basketball pretty seriously. We also take entrepreneurship and startup culture seriously. So while March Madness was going on, MidwestStartups, in partnership with Chicago-based VC firm M25, hosted a tournament of their own called Midwest Madness. Contenders were pitted against each other to see which city in the Midwest is the best place for a startup. This year saw a competitive bracket with several upsets, eventually leading to a final championship match (open poll online voting) between 3-seeded Cincinnati and our hometown of 5-seeded Bloomington, Indiana. Guess who got the most votes…

After many high-scoring matchups, Bloomington has been named the 2021 Midwest Madness Champion! While it’s definitely an honor to rank higher than so many other cities that have great startup scenes, we can’t say we’re totally surprised. Bloomington has always been a hotbed for innovation. As a software consultancy based in Bloomington, we at Future Wonder work closely with startups to bring their ideas to life. We can tell you firsthand about the amazing support and access to resources that startups have in and around Bloomington.


INTAP Applications are Open

Got an idea for an app that you’ve been sitting on during the pandemic?

The state of Indiana, through the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC), can help you pay for the specialized assistance you would need to get your idea to launch. The biggest barrier for most entrepreneurs is funding and access to the resources to help them realize their ambitions. We’ve got you covered on both fronts! We can help you every step of the way, from applying for INTAP funding to designing and then building out your concept.

The INTAP Application

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